berry blues
Anyone else feel hungover?

It seems as though for two weeks straight, all we did was two-fist the Oscar discussion. First about what we wanted to happen, what might happen, and what we thought would happen. There were campaigns to get Leo his Oscar, there were whispers that voters were too afraid to watch 12 YEARS A SLAVE, and rumours that AMERICAN HUSTLE could take it all as the “actors favorite”. Then there was a week of post-mortem. We dissected speeches, cracked wise about Adele Dazeme, and became obsessed with a selfie. Two weeks of this. Two. Whole. Weeks.

As for me, I lost a lot of the week before that watching the Olympic hockey tournament and fretting about how well my country would or wouldn’t do in its quest to defend its crown. It made for some great distraction from the workday (actually made my work days pass faster, truth be told), and even took away from my filmgoing! But again, a whole week spent focusing on that.

I guess what I’m wondering is where did February go?

I won’t miss it from a moviegoing capacity, but at a certain point it gets disconcerting to see so much time fly in a blink. Well, with all of that behind us, I suppose it’s time to get this site back to normal. Starting with two weeks’ worth of links.

For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…

The Movies You Love Podcast has returned after a few weeks off. This time out, Andrew welcomes Merrill Barr to discuss a film near and dear to Merrill, Joel Schumacher’s PHONE BOOTH. Yes, really.

Two weeks ago, Films and Coke celebrated its first blog-a-versary. I’m sure Elina hasn’t tired of hearing “congratulations” yet, so drop by her space and wish her well.

While I slowly continue to make my way through some film reading, it’s nice to see others joining in! Such is the case with Dan Heaton, who this week finished a book I recommend highly, Sidney Lmuet’s “Making Movies”.

Speaking of spaces, Katy Rochelle just pulled up stakes and moved hers. So drop by her new digs, Girl Meets Cinema, and bookmark it while you’re there.

One of the most tender films I came across at TIFF 2013 was Hirokazu Kore-eda’s LIKIE FATHER LIKE SON. The film begins a run at Lightbox in Toronto, and is handily one of the best films out there right now. Ariel Fisher wraps her considerable brain around the film, and seems to agree with me that it’s well worth a look. Trust me, she and I don’t always agree!

Do you remember 2009? Stevee Taylor does. Specifically, she remembers a film that’s already seemingly beginning to get lost in the shuffle (something I know would sadden me), Lorne Scherfig’s AN EDUCATION.

Meanwhile, down at WSW, Rich Watson believes he knows the best way that Hollywood could truly reward the undeniably talented Lupita Nyong’o – by making her a star.

Over at The Axis, Jenny has been gone for a while for as good as reason as it gets – she was on maternity leave. Last week though, she stretched her fingers and returned to her keyboard to talk about how having a little one changed her approach to film, and to writing about film.
Which brings us to The Tweet of The Week. Ordinarily, I refrain from posting my own tweets in this spot (for obvious reasons), but something happened this week that continues to give me a grin as I think back on it. So read and laugh…