If you read this on Twitter yesterday, I apologize for repeating myself, but I was amused when I noticed a bit of a trend where my posting schedule is concerned.

Back in December, when I was catching advanced screenings by the boatload, I noticed a trend. The trend was that if I posted my review of a film on the Sunday after it opened (as is the schedule around these parts), it got my usual amount of reads. If I decided to be all journalistic and post it on the Friday it opened, my reads dropped significantly.

I get it of course, since many of the people who read this space are writers themselves and don’t want to be influenced before they make their minds up. On the other hand, I’m amused – since a fellow writer said for him that it’s the opposite. If he waits a day or two to post his piece, readership drops through the floor.

Anyone else ever noticed patterns in their work or in their readership?

As for the week at hand, great things were afoot.

For you listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

This week I started subscribing to another podcast, and as usual I felt dumb for not having already been a subscriber. Take a listen to The (Title Pending) Podcast as hosted by Tank and Fogs.

While everyone else is watching games of the hungry nature this weekend, I’m looking forward to having space to stretch out while I watch THE RAID in a half-empty cinema. Tom Clift has already seen it, and predicts fun times.

My Caribbean Correspondent G-Man is feeling nostalgic, and has taken a moment to think back on the films his ten-year-old self liked.

Big Daddy over at Big Thoughts is pining for the days of great trailers.

Sebastian is aiming to be controversial (though if that’s the case, you can call me controversial too) by calling the Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul light sabre duel “Not that good“.

Continuing the trend of disagreement (Try to act surprised), Jessica dedicates a whole post to a word she never uses in her writing…though I feel does deserve to be mumbled from time to time.

As for the Tweet of The Week, I don’t even follow this cat, but this is killer:

Hmmm. Keaton plays good Batman, career dies. Kilmer plays good Batman, career dies. Clooney plays awful Batman, rules Hollywood. #WTF
Michael Nazarewycz