So where was I? Back before predicting Oscar categories (where I went seven of eight in the majors). Back before podcast with Swedish guests (which is proving to be one of the most popular episodes). Back before short film festivals…

From my end of things, I actually find myself wearing a bit of a smirk at the moment. You see for more than a month now, this site has been an almost constant machine of material. Between catching up on Oscar nominees, tackling tasks for the anime project and the blind spot project, and the litany of podcasts I’m cranking out these days, I’ve never been short on material. But soon that will all slow down…and I’ll be forced to get creative again. I’ll actually have to come up with ideas. No promises on how well all of that goes, you may find me to be a very rusty Hatter when it comes to expressing actual thought that doesn’t pertain to one particular film, or discussing how today I feel “like this”. Wish me luck won’t you?

Today though, I smile in the knowledge that some R&R is on-tap after two busy weeks. So much so that I don’t even know if I’ll go to the cinema this weekend!

I wonder if they’re missing me yet.

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

Andrew Robinson has saved my bacon a lot in the last few weeks, and then he goes and podcasts about one of my favorite films of the year, THE INTERRUPTERS. The guy is like my own personal bit of Caribbean awesome.

My dear friend Susie Q has become the secret weapon of my friend Tim’s podcast The Mind Reels. Last weekend, I got quite a smile as she expressed her dream assignments.

Speaking of podcasting, a podcaster with a large measure of influence on what has become of The Matineecast put together a rather heartfelt moment of podcasting self-realization this week…one that might beg a follow-up of my own next week.

The Cinematic Corner has put together a fantastic list of 100 things the movies have taught her.

Fogs believes that everyone needs to see NETWORK in their lifetime. I concur.

Courtney has crafted a great piece about a version of Eddie Murphy that some people are too young to remember. Like him, I hope that gets remedied someday.

As for the tweet of the week, there are sometimes advantages to being “The Girl with The Red Coat”

The guy with the guitar at Queen & John just serenaded me with 'Lady in Red' as I debated getting sushi at Hosu. I think I'm flattered.
Leora Heilbronn