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Know what gang? For the last week or two, movies are eeking more and more towards the back-burner in my brain. or perhaps more accurately the side burner. Hey, that leads me to a question, why isn’t the term “side burner” more prevalently used?


My thoughts have been on music for more than they’ve been on film, probably helped in no small part by the fact that SXSW is going on right now. As if that wasn’t distraction enough, I was loaned a series of wonderfully thought-out mixes made by Sean Wraight at Everything is Pop. Add to all of that an influx of new albums on my trusty iPod, and you have a Hatter who is far more distracted by what he’s listening to than what he’s seeing.

Fun fact: When I was first considering what I wanted to blog about back in midsummer of 2007, I had to toss a coin between music and movies. I was equally passionate about both back then. In many ways I still am, but I feel more in tune with film than I do with music. In a way, this is a good thing, since music holds a greater capacity to surprise and delight me.

Although, now that I think about it, I’d probably be more in tune with music if I wrote about it

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the last two weeks have been an avalanche of delights, and I’ve been reaching for my headphones far more often than I have my remote control.

To that end: Heard anything good lately?


For your listening and viewing fulfilment, I give you…


I’ve seen a lot of podcasts get their feet wet and then fold up their tents in five episodes or less. Thus, it always gives me a good feeling when a show gets into double-digit episodes. Best Movie Ever got there this week with their tenth offering dedicated to a look back at the career of Jim Carrey.

The film I’m most looking forward to in the coming weeks is Danny Boyle’s latest offering TRANCE. That lucky duck Sam McCosh has already seen it and posted her review.

Fogs might live to regret this, but the man is subjecting himself to the entire Twilight Saga in one sitting. Godspeed Fogarty!

Confession: I’m brutal for bringing food into movies (I’ve smuggled in 12″ meatball subs before). Perhaps I should pay closer attention to Jessica as she goes over the in’s and out’s of movie-going food etiquette.

I’ve had a copy of A ROYAL AFFAIR in front of my TV for months. I’m hoping by linking to Laura’s review, I will remember to pop it in my blu-ray player. I’m also hoping that by linking to Laura’s review, I can persuade her to come hang with us locals at the bar in two weeks.

One of these days, I hope to make it to Tribecca (and Sundance…and SXSW…and Venice…).  Shala has been there once or twice and been nice enough to post tips and tricks to make one’s Tribecca experience a good one.

There have been a few times through the years that I’ve thought that I didn’t like a director, later to do a complete about-face (The Coens and Kubrick come to mind). Courtney Small just had a similar revelation when he realized that yes Virginia, he does like The Duplass Brothers.

Finally, there’s my favorite Jamaican who was once a big fan of anime but these days…not so much.


The Tweet of The Week comes from Limette, and I’m proud to say that I inspired this. (True story!)…

Can I say I love podcasts?
Mette M. K.