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Honestly? I’m a little short on words today.

It’s been a long week in a lot of respects. Seven days ago, the harsh reality of life & death went whizzing past me like I was standing too close to the curb as a Greyhound Bus drove by. Ever since then, I’ve felt a bit out-of-sorts, not sleeping enough, not watching the right films, and just “mixed up”. The curious thing is that in amongst this seven-day fog, I managed to crank out two posts that connected with people. It’s rare for me to land one of those in a given week…two is like a damned solar eclipse.

Thing is, the second one came with baggage, and it’s left me feeling a bit rotten. Rotten about myself, rotten about my friends, rotten about people I know but have never met face-to-face. It’s been a lesson in the immediacy of things online – how we might not be representing ourselves, saying what we really mean, putting our best foot forward. If we were sitting next to one-another, we could see the insecurities, the grumpiness, the exhaustion, the stress. But we can’t. We’re all words, avatars, icons and tweets. Ones and zeroes.

I need five-thirty to get here. To leave my workplace and allow newly minted Wes Anderson offerings to close the book on these crazy seven days. Right now, I sit here fighting the tired, and I’m fighting it with feelings of gratitude.

Gratitude that I have a heartbeat and air in my lungs. Gratitude that the world around me can still inspire an original thought or two. Gratitude that I live a life where frivolous distractions are abundant and attainable. And gratitude that you dear reader care enough about me and about what I have to say to stop by this piddling little soapbox.

Thanks for sticking around – here’s to a better week!


For your reading and listening fulfilment, I give you…


The Mamo boys brought Dan Gorman on to discuss the fallout from Kim Novak’s appearance at The Oscars. The gents get into a really good discussion about the cyclical nature of celebrities’ physical appearance.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I want to be Stevee Taylor when I grow up.

Well wouldn’t you know it – Fandango is hosting another blog-a-thon! This time around, he’s wondering what you might add to Captain America’s List. It’s sorta convoluted, so drop by Andy’s site and let him explain (and write an entry!).

So after much thought and consideration, Jandy Hardesty – the biggest fan of my Freeze Frame Series by a mile – started her own screencap series. Check out her awesome juxtaposition of CASABLANCA and THE BIG COMBO. Five bucks says her posts start making mine look like child’s play in short-order.

There are few artists in Hollywood history who have influenced our filmgoing as much as Ennio Morricone. John LaRue reminds us of the man’s impact this week with 10 of his most iconic combinations of music and film.

With every passing week, I grow more and more anxious to see Denis Villeneuve’s ENEMY. My anticipation has been stoked even higher this week thanks to Alex Withrow’s glowing review. Is it time to watch it yet?

Down at the Movie Scrutineer, Manon asks readers what sorts of film endings they prefer; happy, sad, or indifferent. Go weigh in!


For a Tweet of The Week, I turn to Jim from The Director’s Club, who might as well have been reading my thoughts this week: