Around this time last night, I finished watching season three of House of Cards. Bet that seems like I dragged my heels a bit, doesn’t it?

Putting aside the fact that I was on the road the weekend that the show dropped, I long ago swore off the whole idea of binge-watching. The great thing about this is that it allowed me to get maximum enjoyment out of a very curiously paced season of the show, and do more of that getting out more that I enjoyed so much two weeks ago. So sure, I needed to be a bit mindful of what corners of Twitter I glanced at, along with certain people’s Facebook feeds…but believe it or not folks, I was able to get this far without having anything major spoiled for me.

Think I’ll be able to pull off the same trick in four weeks when it comes to Daredevil?

Maybe I got lucky – maybe the conversation around House of Cards didn’t happen as the same breakneck pace that follows fanatical shows like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or Mad Men. Or maybe the twists weren’t there to be spoiled.

No matter what, I still believe in parsing out a show for first-time consumption and will be sticking to the routine. Join me, won’t you? Serve yourself up a bowl of ice cream instead of sitting down with the carton and the spoon…


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Looks like I finished House of Cards just in time – with the complete starting line-up back in action at The Cinecast, they get down to the nitty-gritty of all things Underwood (amongst hours of other great talking points).

It’s slim pickins at the multiplex (again), so I think my money will be going into the coffers of ’71. Though if Luke at Mezzanine is to be believed, I should proceed with caution.

Two months into his film-a-day project, Simon Columb pauses to take stock.

Ever wish you’d been introduced to particular films when you were younger? So does Beatrice.

So I’ll bet you thought that the whole wide world hated poor old Chappie – well Natalie is here to disagree with the whole wide world.

Courtney thinks that DC and Marvel could learn a thing or two from Dominic Toretto & Co. Considering I’m yet to see a FAST movie, I can only assume he’s correct.

Ruth was in the mood to listen to some sci-fi this week, so she has put together a post chronicling her top five sci-fi soundtracks (specifically, ones about robots!)

Down at Reel Talker, Candice wonders if the english dubs of animated asian films should pay a bit more attention to the actors they cast.


As for The Tweet of The Week, I feel like Carley gets me…