I’m hoping to find a few more movie blogs to read.

Now I realize how ridiculously easy that sounds to accomplish, so perhaps I should get more specific: I’m looking for a few more international movie blogs to read. This week, I filled a bit of the gap by finding a writer in Mexico, but I’d love to start following more.

I love the international perspective, both in terms of local titles to keep an eye out for, and a foreign take on North American titles.  So while I have a great cache of sources to go to from Sweden, England, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Trinidad – I’d like a few more. I’d love to start following someone from France…from Germany…from Spain…even Russia. Anyone have any contenders?

If you do, leave me a comment – any worthwhile movie site that’s not from North America is one I’d love to dig into.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


The Row Three Cinecast posted a pretty epic show this week, one where the conversation was actually dominated by listeners writing in with their homework. I’m actually especially proud of my choices for casting the R3C movie.

Speaking of Row Three, Andrew James jumped ship and spoke with G-Man this week about the movie that made him love movies. It’s a long, fun read where the Andrews got together to discuss A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

A film I’ve been meaning to see for quite some time (but fear will likely bum me out) is PINK RIBBONS, INC. With the whole pink ribbon concept being omnipresent these days, seeing this side of the whole movement is more than a little sobering. Jake has already soaked it up, and put together a rather thoughtful review.

Further to my earlier point, I did start following one site this week:  Fernandorafael out of Mexico. Weigh in on his discussion regarding cinephile problems.

Kristin is back after a small hiatus. She eases back into things by rhyming off some of her favorite musical movie moments.

Finally, Mr. Buckle passed a milestone this week by notching his 1,000th post (no small feat!). While he has honoured it by putting up link post, I still vote you stop by his site and wish him a top o the morning.

As for the Tweet of The Week, this was just too curiously awesome to pass up:

Don't let me down, Wesley! And no, this tweet was not written by Mr. Belvedere.
Jim Laczkowski