Golden Gate Bridge
For about three months now, my Fortress of Solitude has been invaded by a cute and fuzzy roomate who recently launched his own Instagram account (no: I don’t run it).

Seems as though when I left town last weekend, he suddenly became fascinated with a Chewbacca keychain that dangles from my bookshelf. Mercifully, it was reasonably out of his reach…or so I thought.

Well, last night he finally managed to retrieve it….at 3 in the morning…when he then decided to bring it into the bedroom…and wander around with it…pausing to make it make noise now and then.

Why yes I am quite tired today, thank-you for asking.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

While I was down south, I got into a Twitter conversation with classic film blogger Beth Ann Gallagher…which of course led to me clicking about her site. I’m always looking for suggestions on the catalogue titles I should be tracking down (especially considering venues like Lightbox often feature screenings of these gems), so I have the hunch I’ll be checking in with Beth Ann more often in the days to come. For now though, colour me intrigued on tracking down a copy of THE TIN MAN after reading her post on the odd comedic short.

Also while I was south, I got to break bread and catch-up with wunderkind Sam Fragoso. Sitting at the table with Sam is oddly cool for a few reasons – not the least of which, the fact that there’s so much distance between our hometowns that I’ve only ever done it four times in five years. But more than that, it’s encouraging and inspiring to think about when I met him, where he’s gone since then, and how incredibly far he will likely still go. The guy is getting paid for it these days – which is more than most of us can say – so take a look at one of his recent pieces at Playboy, an interview with Danny Trejo (the site, of course, is NSFW)

The Sydney Film Festival is under way (which threw a minor crimp into my plan for Matineecast 139, alas). As usual, The McBuckles are attending, so do check out Sam’s posts on An Online Universe to hear about the goings-on…she already has a piece posted about an interesting looking music doc titled THE BEATS OF ANTONOV.

Prompted by the release of HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT – and reports of a revived heroin epidemic in NYC (seriously?) – Christina Newland looked back at drug culture on film. Now if you’re like me, you see an idea like that and think that she’d be focusing on film’s of the 60’s or 70’s, right? Wrong.

Ever since it was announced-then-yanked at TIFF 2014, I’ve been rather curious about the new Arnold Schwarzenegger film MAGGIE. I actually got quite a rise out of THE LAST STAND, but is it possible Arnie can do anything dialed-down after being away from acting for so long? (subquestion: could he ever?). Will caught up with the movie and posted his review last week, so perhaps he’ll have an answer or two for me.

Did you know that Candice Frederick’s birthday is June 1st? The joys of never forgetting who else shares your nameday. Miss Frederick checked in last week with a neat little bit asking an age-old question: Can you dig a movie you don’t get?

So when Matthew Brown discussed how he was quietly letting go of his Jedi Knighthood, the podcaster in me started wondering what I would get him back on the show (we’d informally discussed him coming by for THE FORCE AWAKENS). Back in April, I approached him about stopping in to talk EX-MACHINA, but at the time he didn’t feel like he had anything to contribute on it. A few weeks later, and the man has indeed found something to contribute. As usual, we are all the better for it.

As for the Tweet of The Week, I think we’ve all been there…