So, the routine is supposed to have one staying in during the week and going out on the weekend, right? I think I have that backwards. Of course, with all of this gallivanting, I’m way behind on the movies I want to see. Just a few weeks ago, it felt like I was scraping the barrel. Today I sit here trying to choose between TAKE THIS WALTZ, MAGIC MIKE, YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, SEEKING A FRIEND, and LINCOLN.

What’s a geek to do?

Well if you’re this particular geek, you eschew all of that and head to your favorite cinematheque with a dozen of your closest friends to see JAWS tonight! I have all sorts of time for everything else, we have three whole weeks before Batman, right?

Thankfully, it’s a long weekend up here, so along with some extra time to get in a few matinees, I can sleep in a little bit over the next few and get myself rested up.



For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Going back a week or so, Reel Insight celebrated its second podcast anniversary about ten days ago. If you listen to my podcast, you’ll hear a lot of their influence, and if you listen to their podcast, you’ll hear a lot of my chirping from the high branches. Jess and Rachel deserve mad props for keeping things going for two years – go listen.

It should come as no surprise that The Kid eulogized Nora Ephron so eloquently.

As I was leaving a showing of TED this week, I noticed Joe from Black Sheep was at the same screening. I couldn’t get over to him  to say hi, so I suppose the least I can do is link to his review…right?

Speaking of my rudeness, I also hadn’t noticed that James Blake Ewing supercharged Cinema Sights a few weeks back. Go look at the new digs, and specifically check out his piece on MOONRISE KINGDOM since the film is finally going wide this weekend.

This week I started following a UK blogger named Diana who writes Aziza’s Picks. Like me, she recently soaked up Danny Boyle’s production of “Frankenstein”, so I was certainly interested to read her thoughts on the show.

Andy Buckle takes a moment and sums up 2012 at the halfway mark.

Corey Atad has made some great observations about the fervour many of us are feeding into where hype is concerned. It’s amazing to see it all strung together, and sobering to think that we could do with more even-handed discussion.

Are you a fan of HOME ALONE? Then you need to buy the Forager’s latest masterpiece.

Over at Southern Vision, Tyler has cobbled together a list of ten films he hopes never get remade. I sort of feel like calling “shenanigans” on number two.

Duke has created quite the stir with his latest little turn in the Thunderdome. Hitchcock or Kubrick – Go! 

Then there’s the Tweet of The Week. All I can say is sometimes it’s just this easy to make me laugh:

So Sofia Vergara is the new Charo, yes?
Candice Frederick