St Vincent

So here’s me, trying to think about a post for the day and coming up a little bit empty.

Besides the fact that my regular schedule has been thrown off, and that I didn’t see anything new this weekend, I was a little bit off my usual rhythm. Making matters worse, I’ve been party to some strange film-related conversations lately that have my brain in a bit of a spin. I may get back to them, I may not. Right now I’m just trying to figure out where I land on the matter. Once I get that sorted, I’ll take “pen-to-paper” as it were.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me that in light of my JERSEY BOYS review, I neglected to take a spin around my usual stops in cyberspace and point y’all towards some of the goods. In a way, it was my True Detective moment – when I was staring so hard at the case that I wasn’t actually looking at the case.

So before I head off to record a podcast episode – and enjoy this gorgeous summer Sunday – allow me to turn the mic over to my friends.
For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…
What She’s Having has returned with a new episode – the same week that I’ll finally be meeting one half of the podcast duo face-to-face. This time around they are joined by Anna Kay Eldridge for a discussion on the 1987 gem WORKING GIRL. Give a listen!

I’m always fascinated with the discussion of film from a visual perspective, so you can believe I was jazzed to see Fisti put up a swell collection of images gathered from the filmography of Jane Campion.

I’ve long wondered about the link between our enjoyment of a film and the circumstances under which we see it. Not just in an IMAX-versus-iPhone capacity, but the company we keep while we soak in these stories. Well great minds must think alike, because Andrew Robinson wrote a rather good examination of that very question this week.

The Velvet Cafe has re-opened for business! After a taking a planned sabbatical from her keyboard, Jessica has returned to us and returned to the cinema. Can ya tell I missed her? This week she caught up with the new film BORGMAN, and put up a review that makes me think I need to catch up with it sooner rather than later.

We find ourselves in a strange time for criticism – the very profession seems to be a dying art. This week Lisa Thatcher down in Australia put together an amazing piece on why the role of the critic still has value…especially an Australian critic.

It feels a bit like my film reading has stalled lately, even though I finished that Sam Fuller book a few weeks ago (I enjoyed it, but don’t think I have enough to say about it that merits a post. Happily, Jandy is around to pick up the slack – and recommend some further reading! This week she polished off American Movie Critics and put up a damned fine wrap-up over at The Frame.

Ever since it was mentioned in an episode of Mad Men this season, I’ve been meaning to get around to I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW). I have to admit, one thing that show is great about is reminding me of films I loved and pointing me towards ones I still need to catch! This week Anna at Film Grimoire caught up with the 1967 gem, and seems as though she was quite taken with it.

Finally for the Tweet of The Week, sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple…