So that was a fun week, wasn’t it? I ran around town like a socialite, fell asleep at my keyboard twice,  I caught some great films both new and old, and managed to stir up some shit. Some would call that an eventful month, but yours truly got it all accomplished in less time than it takes a quart of milk to expire.

The funny this is, things are only mildly easing off next week, although next week comes with a pair of added bonuses. For starters, in the shit-stirring section of things I’m pretty sure I’ve reached the end of that road…so at the very least, my week should come without drama. What’s more, when I get to the end of next week, a long weekend awaits me, so I’ll be able to rest off the slight weariness this active schedule has left me with.

I’m also going to see if I can start linking to a few more entries on these posts (not that I think anyone gets a whole lot of increased exposure from them), so starting with this entry, look for ten links instead of the previously established six.

I know: I’m excited too.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

It feels like THE PROMETHEUS discussion just will not end – and however you feel about the film, you have to admit that a story that can spark this much conversation is an achievement all its own. Brian’s most recent episode of Outside the Envelope discusses the film further with guests Rick Sandias and Fogs

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – I’m happy to see Kristin back and posting. She, like me, was heavily influenced by Roger Ebert where her film  literacy is concerned. Well, it was Roger’s 70th birthday this week, and she posted a rather fitting tribute to the man.

Tomorrow I’ll be recording the earliest Matineecast I’ve ever rolled tape on. WHich guest could get me up at such an ungodly hour? Let’s just say she’s very far away from my sleepy ol’ Toronto, and was smitten with BRAVE.

I took a pass on ROCK OF AGES last week, and according to Max that was the right call.

Two of the nicest local film nerds you could meet, recently sat down to talk. Take a look as Courtney Small from Big Thoughts talks to Chris McGee about the Shinsedei Film Festival (part one and part two).

It’s always a momentous occasion when a site celebrates it’s blog-a-versary. This week it was Fogs’ turn as his site celebrated its first spin around the sun.

Back when THE HUNGER GAMES was released, the inevitable comparison was to BATTLE ROYALE. Over at French Toast Sunday, Lindsay just rewatched the latter, and it left her feeling a little grumpy with the former. Find out why.

A meme that’s making the rounds these days is called 100 Film Facts About Me.  Andina, whose site I don’t link to nearly enough, is the latest to put up her hundred.

Journeys in Classic Film is clearly after my heart this week: The author put up a post about how ALMOST FAMOUS is a film she considers a “future classic”.

Over at The Audient, Vance wonders aloud if he is a slacker. (I vote “no”)

For the Tweet of The Week, let me just say that I would totally buy this:

"Everything I know about having a successful marriage I learned from REVOLUTIONARY ROAD" #MovieTShirts
Alexander Huls