Yeah, it was a busy week around these parts gang. I can’t believe there are only ten days left to go in June! Feels like it was my birthday just last weekend!

I usually post the Tweet of The Week at the bottom of these posts, but today I feel like it’s a lead headline:



I put this up top because I feel like I know a sliver of what Ariel’s feeling. Ever since I decided to take a short break from keeping up this site, I’ve felt like I’ve lost my rhythm. It’s as if the band is playing a mambo and all I know how to dance is a tango. It’s mostly been contained to what I write, but now and then it creeps into my day-to-day as well.

I’m Tweeting less, I’m worrying more. My ideas are thinned, and my drive has waned.

I say these things only because I don’t want them to lord over me. I don’t want my off-kilter feeling, my “lost mojo” as Ariel puts it to seep into my whole demeanour. If the words don’t come as easily, someday soon they will. If readership is down, patience and content will spark its return. And if the desire to watch film has dimmed, it’s only because other things in life are shining brighter by comparison.

So yes, I too am missing some mojo, and I too find it to be a very strange sensation. But I feel like we all get there eventually. We all fret, we all doubt, we all momentarily lose the words.

But they usually come back…and even if they don’t, they tend to manifest themselves in other ways.

So keep your reward money Ariel – and everyone else who may be offering a ransom – and I’ll do likewise. The mojo will come back when it’s good and ready, and it will be all the more appreciated after its absence.


For your reading fulfilment, I give you…


I always love it when a classic film lover wades into the waters of modern film. Such was the case this week when (new BookTuber!) Vanessa took a moment to consider the modern classics of her generation.

As I type, I have just returned home from a screening of INSIDE OUT. I’ll have plenty to say about it on Sunday, and when I finally finish wrapping my brain around it, I can only hope to live up to Kurt Halfyard’s review of the latest Pixar gem.

It has been something of a momentous month for Marc Ciafardini. The man is celebrating the arrival of a new young’n and his sixth blog-a-versary all at once. Take a second to drop by G-S-T and wish him (and his whole family) well.

There’s been a lot of hype and a lot of chatter about new box office champ JURASSIC WORLD over the last week…much of which makes me wonder what I’ll be in for when I finally do catch up with it. So with that in mind, perhps it’s time I mix a few jeers in with all of those cheers. Happily, Courtney Young has me covered.

For almost two months, I’ve been waiting to find out what Candice Frederick (singular) would think about WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? Well this week, my wait finally ended.