Just when I think I’ve got it all under control, I had to go and anger the gods of podcasting.

Things are about to take a turn for the nutty as I try to get ten days worth of posts written in six days. ‘Course that also might have been a gift from the gods after boasting about  a Cal Ripken-like streak on the Row Three Cinecast yesterday. The Lesson? Bragging gets me nowhere.

It’s all good though. This time next week, I’ll be Chi-town bound for some baseball, some time with friends, a bit of ROBOCOP, and perhaps even some shopping.

Hopefully I hold out until then!


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…
I usually don’t link to sites two weeks in a row, but Corey has rejoined the ranks of the podcasters. Take a listen to his first episode where he discusses THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

Not to be outdone, Sebastian Gutierrez has rebuilt and rebranded his site. Take a look at the all new Black Hole.

Having watched Spidey already, this is something of an “off-weekend” for me at the multiplex. Hopefully, I can use the extra frame to catch up with YOUR SISTER’S SISTER. Over at Cinema Romantico, Nick has posted a pretty good review of it. Speaking of Nick, if all goes to plan I should be raising a glass with him by this time next week.

On the heels of SEEKING A FRIEND, Kristin wondered what a movie-watcher would do with a mere three weeks to watch before the world ended.

Over at Big Thoughts, Jenny reflects on a year in blogging.

Speaking of reflection, G-Man writes a rather introspective piece about how critical thinking can ruin the fun of watching movies (a feeling I’ve felt more than once)

An essential that I keep meaning to catch up with is CHUNKING EXPRESS. Adina just added it to her series of movie influences.

Meanwhile Fogs sparked a truly epic discussion when he asked his readers what franchises they would reboot/remake.

What would you say is worse? Watching a sex scene in a film with your parents, or with your children? Jessica offers her answer.

And for the Tweet of The Week, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple:

So many films, so little time.
Sarah Ward