Hey! How’s it going? Feels like I haven’t spoken to you in weeks, what with all the running around I’ve been doing and movies I’ve been writing about. Everything alright at home? How’s the family?

was doing pretty well when I started writing this, but as I start this day and I read about the senseless violence in Colorado, it leaves me shocked and saddened. I really don’t understand this world sometimes. We’re dealing with a lot of gun violence here in Toronto in recent weeks, but at least none of them have involved someone mowing down random people in a crowd.

This really isn’t how I wanted to start my weekend, and my heart goes out to all affected by this terrible incident in Aurora.


Meanwhile –

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Jess and Rachel made me one happy classics lover this week when they covered their first classic actor on Reel Insight. Take a listen to their conversation on Jimmy Stewart, and try not to get too hung up on Rachel’s dislike for ANATOMY OF A MURDER.

If you come across a negative DARK KNIGHT RISES review and you are unsure of how to handle yoursefl, The Droid has you covered.

There’s a Canadian Film Festival happening right now in Australia, and it gave Andy Buckle a chance to catch up with INDIE GAME – one of my favorites of the year so far. Check out his review.

There has often been a question about what sort of criticism can be offered below a certain age, and Sam turned it into quite the discussion over at The Duke.

At our little gathering last week, a running joke was a film student’s affinity for Woody Allen. As if on cue,  Jessica has compiled a list of her ten favorite Woody films for Go, See, Talk!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to explain why I choose to be a writer. Wouldn’t you know it, The Kid sums it up so. damned. well.

There are a few really dumb 80’s movies that will always have a special place in my heart, and REAL GENIUS is one of them. Dan checked it out last week as part of his ongoing 1980’s Comedy Marathon.

Remember when I broke my anime cherry? Well Stevee Taylor is breaking hers now.

Another thing I did while I was away was catch up with BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. I’m still hashing out my thoughts on it to post a review next week, but while I do – take a look at James’ take on the film over at TO Screen Shots.

The Tweet of The Week is a call to arms…

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