I’m looking over the gaggle of indie films that are hitting Toronto screens this week and next.


swear it was just two weeks ago that I was squawking about how there was so little playing that I wanted to see (granted, I’ve already seen two of these titles…but I’d be down for a revisit). How does it end up turning into feast-or-famine around these parts? I mean, I love a good superhero blow-em-up as much as the next bloke, but why do we need to wait until midsummer to get our mitts on the best bits of indie cinema?

You’d think distributors would get together and talk to each-other once in a while.

I won’t complain too loudly, of course, since I know there are many parts of North America that don’t have access to this bounty of goodness. Still, a little forethought woulda gone a long way.

For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…


Jamie Dew and Matthew Brown sat down for a cheeseburger. The audio results make for a fun little listen!

Kate Has a Blog got back up and running this week after something of a spring hiatus. Our dear friend – and Matinee contributor – explains what’s been on her mind lately in this very personal and confessional post.

Speaking of personal and confessional, Andy Hart took a long hard look at the very nature of writing about film this week. The man includes a shout-out to me within the post, so the least I can do is return the favour…right?

LIFE ITSELF finally opens here in Toronto tomorrow night at The Lightbox. Much like Courtney Small, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It would seem as though we’re about to hear a lot less from Mette as she heads off into the wilds in search of adventure. Go wish her well.

As one voice leaves, another arrives. Courtney Young has added another voice for her soapbox over at On The Screen. This weekend she welcomes Derek LaPlume to the fold. Derek has gotten the ball rolling by introducing himself to all of his would-be readers. Go say hey.

While there’s no denying the film is flawed, I’m one of those who sees BEGIN AGAIN as time well spent. I think Nick Prigge agrees, but his review isn’t shy about underlining the film’s flaws along with its virtues.

Katy Rochelle wonders what is becoming of the summer blockbuster – a darned good question if you ask me!

There’s long been an odd relationship between films and the MPAA ratings they land themselves – usually leading to mixed signals being sent when the rating is assigned. This week, Rich Watson has some thoughts on the matter, specifically noting that a gentle rating shouldn’t be a harbinger of doom.

As for The Tweet of The Week, I turn your attention to Lauren Brooks, who says aloud what we all often quietly mumble to ourselves…