Gotta love ending a six day work week with a cold. Chalk one up for the God of Sinus Carnage.

Matineecast listeners, listen up! On Monday, there will be some new content coming your way. The yet-untitled addition to the regular show kicks off as a monthly feature where I’ll be talking with a table full of locals about topics in the news. In a way it’s a way for me to have my cake and eat it too, as news was dropped from The Matineecast proper back in mid 2010. Hopefully y’all find it entertaining, and my local filmgoing crowd might as well all consider themselves on notice as of now: You’ll quite likely get pulled into this caper.

Beyond that, there’s a lot on the go for me this weekend. I’ve already caught up with the newest Steven Soderbergh film (and urge you to go check it out), and might even squeeze in A SEPARATION in anticipation of its Oscar run for Best Foreign Film.

Once all of that’s done, perhaps I’ll find the time for some chicken soup and orange juice. If not, I’ll have to make sure I bring a fresh box of kleenex to work on Monday.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

CriticalMassCast has returned!!! The whole team turns on their mics once again to discuss the best things they saw in 2011. There are some odd audio moments, but it’s worth it just to hear all four of these local film lovers back on the air.

I caught HAYWIRE last night, and had a blast doing so. As I get going on my review of the film, here’s Fandango’s opinion to tide you over until Sunday.

During Jake’s appearance on Episode 50 of The Matineecast, he mentioned something about note-taking that caught the attention of Jessica from Velvet Cafe.

My friend Tim – who has been nothing but capital-S-supportive of this site and everything I do – has a great post up on the nature of fandom.

Finally, Dear Film has a few thoughts it wishes to share with PROMETHEUS and all other prequels in the works.

A site I’ve recently started following is Cinematic Corner, written by the very witty Sati. Take a peek at her musings on last weekend’s Golden Globe Awards.

Finally, for the Tweet of the Week, we turn to Mr. Brown for a truly inspired idea…

Wonder Woman movie. Gina Carano. NOW. #haywire
Matt Brown