Welcome to 2015 folks. Just like any new year, we find ourselves brimming at the moment with plans, hope, optimism – and new this year, jokes about BACK TO THE FUTURE 2!

It’s the time for resolutions (I have none), the time to make plans (I quietly have one or two), and the time to start anew (sure, why not). And as you can tell by just taking a cursory glimpse around the internet this week, it’s also the time to look back. From my teeny perch, I can look back and wonder how in the world I ever managed to stay on-track around here over the last three weeks. Actually, I do know how I managed, and to that end, I can say that I’m deeply looking forward to leaving my laptop at home and going back to reading on my lunch hour.

But enough about me…

This feature, this soon-to-be regular feature again, is all about my friends and fellow movie fans. Around this point on the calendar, I like to do a round-up of people’s looks back at the year that was. So here’s what I was able to find so far – and if you post one of your own, I’d love to add it so just kick me a link whenever you’re good and ready.

I’m used to late stragglers; I run The Blindspot Series.


For your reading fulfillment, I give you…


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Jury Prize: Jandy Hardesty’s Bests and Mosts at The Frame

Additional Jury Prize: Ruth’s Random Bests at Flix Chatter


Happy New Year!