And so it goes: we ease out of year-end chatter and begrudgingly drag ourselves into 2014. Many of us do so into cold and dreary months, which doesn’t make matters any easier. Likewise, many of us do so towards nothing but dregs at the multiplex for the next few months.

While there will be bright spots throughout the rest of the winter – titles like MONUMENTS MEN, NOAH, and THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – by and large, it really does look like we’ll be wandering in the wilderness for the next little while! If anyone knows of some festival darlings or indie films that I should keep an eye out for, please let me know.

As it stands, I’m having trouble programming The Matineecast between now and May!

For now though, I leave you to brace myself for one of the worst parts of my year around the office…but at the very least, I have the words and voices below to distract me and keep me company through these cold, boring, and (for me) stressful days.


For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…


People. People!! Outside The Envelope has returned!!! It’s been four long months since we last heard the boys’ voices, so the fact that their microphones have been reconnected is joyous news! Give a listen as they close out 2013.

Speaking of wrapping up[ 2013, a large gathering of writers – myself included – tied it off in epic fashion at The Mezzanine. To those who believe that 2013 was a lousy year for film, I give you 50 arguments to the contrary.

A 2013 film I have seriously been dragging my heels to finally tackle is BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR. With that in mind, I believe I might just have to finally get to it after reading Jessica’s tender review.

I don’t talk much TV around these parts, but like many of you, I’m currently deeply smitten with the new season of Sherlock. One writer who does talk a lot of TV is Tim Rideout, and he has some interesting things to say about Sherlock Episode 2: The Sign of Three.

Over at The Axis, Courtney Small has some rather interesting things to say about modern masculinity in film.

Speaking of masculinity, it seems over the past few weeks that the thrust of the story in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET has been (negatively) interpreted in so many crazy ways. Into that fight wanders Courtney Young, with a very sharp critique of what’s happening over the course of the film’s three hours.


For The Tweet of The Week, I give you the latest and greatest in pop culture references: