We’re coming into the time of year when much of what’s offered at the multiplex is dregs – stuff studios have no confidence in and have dumped into the winter thinking that we won’t notice. In times like these, I’m happy to have The Lightbox.

Yesterday afternoon, I went and picked myself up some tickets for upcoming shows. Now sure, some of what I’m seeing is capital-A-arty films like the French Canadian gem mentioned below. But in addition to that, I’m thrilled to get the chance to soak up some of my anime syllabus on a big screen! I’ve already snagged tickets to WHISPER OF THE HEART and CASTLE IN THE SKY…I might add ducats to PRINCESS MONONOKE and PONYO.

And while I didn’t grab tickets yet, I’m equally excited about the late night showings of Nicolas Cage movies the place will be showing on Saturday nights. RAISING ARIZONA is a gimme, and WILD AT HEART was on my Blind Spot list. In addition to those, I think I’ll have to finally see my favorite 90’s guilty pleasure THE ROCK on the big screen again.

But as I gear up for a busy winter, allow us to get back into the weekly rhythm by looking around the blogosphere.

For your Listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

The Franklies who have returned with a You Choose episode. Contrary to popular belief, I did not suggest they watch SHE’S OUT OF CONTROL: That was my blushing bride’s doing.

Around this time next week, I’ll be seeing a Canadian film that has some of my friends all a-tither. Kurt has seen it and put together this glowing review at Row Three.

I have no clue why it took me so long to find out about this site, but this past week I was turned on to Front Room Cinema. Scott – a fine chap who runs the show – took a moment to consider how the geekiness we once hid is now worn like a badge of honour.

My younger brother has been repeating “Merry New Year!” this last week in a way I thought only I was capable of. He has me really¬†wanting to re-watch TRADING PLACES. For now, The Void’s review of the DVD will tide me over.

Going back a wee bit, Corey has taken a look back at a somewhat contrarion stretch this year. For my money, he wasn’t wrong as often as he alludes to in the post.

Last but not least, it looks like we have another recruit for the Blindspot Project (which – by the way – I’ll be posting about on the 31st. If you’re taking part, email me your link before then). Allison the Nerd Vampire has some great choices here, she’s in for some fun in 2012.

Finally, for the tweet of the week, a person I should have been following ages ago has a moment I’ve had with acquaintances often:

My boss to me, today: "You never get tired of movies, do you?"