snowy heartsGreetings from Hoth!

Toronto’s gloriously snowy this morning, causing many an exasperated tweet and voicemail to the boss calling in sick. I don’t mind any of this a lick, so long as the weather doesn’t hold any sway over my plans tonight to see POINT BREAK on a big screen at The Lightbox (Johnny Effin’ Utah, y’all!)

Thanks to everyone who left me comments on ways to improve the site yesterday. I was hoping for a few more about layout and navigation, but will happily take all of the critique about content and use it to deliver a better project. I’m also looking to get better at both responding to comments and leaving comments on other spaces – so again, thanks!

I’m actually excited because there’s going to be a lot of great films for me to pour over in the coming weeks. Everything from new releases that I’m actually anticipating (SIDE EFFECTS), to some fun stuff I haven’t seen before (THE ‘BURBS), to a landslide of past Best Picture winners (HAMLET, MRS. MINIVER, CAVALCADE).

Now let’s see if I can parlay all of this watching into content!


For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…

First things first – many congratulations must go out to Rachel Thuro from Reel Insight who is a mom for the second time! Her little’un Zoe was born on Groundhog Day and is happy and healthy.

The Row Three boys have returned from Tobago and are gearing up for 2013 with somewhat of a format switch. Episode 290 explains what they have in mind.

An Online Universe celebrated their first blog-a-versary this week! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – keeping one of these things rolling for one year is no easy feat, so head over to their space and wish them well.

Simon has been taking advantage of a Polanski screening series in London (lucky duck). This week he wrote about the one third of The Apartment Trilogy – THE TENANT.

Fogs sparked a conversation on his site about the movies we collect. Go weigh in.


As for the Tweet of The Week, it comes courtesy of British film writer Adam Batty who snapped a photo reminding us how film criticism used to be about celebrating the good:

Take note, notoriety hounds! Cynicism stinks.
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