Apropos of nothing: Opal apples are really sweet and tasty, but a bit on the pricey side.

Is it my imagination, or does February always pass by in a blink? Between podcast episodes, Oscar prep, blindspots, and a small smattering of new releases that do interest me, it seems like 3/4 of the month is already booked up and it’s only the sixth! I mean, I realize that it’s the shortest month and all, but allow me a bit of time to do other things!

Heck, all of the activities that I’ve had on the go – including meeting one of my all time favorite writers tonight – have actually started standing in the way of my blog reading time. Where once I could soak up several posts over half a cup of tea, now it’s been reduced to feverishly flipping through entries late on Thursday nights…sometimes it happens while I’m still giggling from that night’s episode of Archer.

So while I get ready for a weekend full of books, music, potential sci-fi turkeys, and a new Matineecast, here’s a selection of links from elsewhere around the interwebs…with an extra dose of podcasting content this time out!



For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…



So after weeks of anticipation, the Super Zero podcast is finally in our midst. To the surprise of nobody, Alia and Matthew are great behind the mic as they take a fresh look at comic book films from years past: They have a chemistry befitting Natasha Rominoff and Steve Rogers! Since I skipped posting links last week, there are already two episode for your listening enjoyment. Check out their debut with BATMAN BEGINS, and their follow-up with BATMAN.

It’s an embarrassment of riches podcast-wise this week as we got another new show to listen to. My critical co-conspirator, Jandy Hardesty has launched a show with her husband Jonathan where they discuss film and media from the point of view of the artist (Jonathan) and the critic (Jandy). Check out episode one of Not at Odds.

There are a whole swath of 2014 films I’ve heard great things about that I fear might get away from me. You know the sort? The ones you see years later and feel like a dunce for not catching up with sooner? TIMBUKTU is one of those films, and Amir’s praise of it only stokes the feelings of preemptive regret.

Going back a few days, Andrew Robinson posted an amazing piece on the role of the critic and whether criticism itself can be an art form (for my money: yes, and yes).

With the rise of the home theatre, I’m reminded every other week that people have completely forgotten how to act in a public screening (don’t even get me started on live theatre). I think more than a few people could do with some of the reminders that Becca Sharp offered up this week…none of you fine folks of course…you’re cool.

Want more? Okay. Let’s say you have a budding interest in classic film, but find that you’re having trouble actually getting into the groove of films from yesteryear. We’ve all been there – it’s a different vibe, a different rhythm. Thankfully Vanessa is here to offer her tips that will lead to deeper enjoyment of the classics.

It’s no secret that I’m a cinefile who’s drawn to the visual element of the art form (more on that next week!). So when I saw that Andina had put together a visual essay on the imagery of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL…well…how could I resist?



As for The Tweet of The Week, I point you towards Black Girl Nerds and offer up an “Amen!!!”. Of course, I was feeling this was about five minutes into the third quarter.