Those feet are going to be getting a workout this weekend as I get out of Dodge for some much-needed R&R. After what has been a brutal start to the year at the office, I forsake a weekend of watching precious little at the multiplex and instead make my way down to Manhattan for some food, photography, and theatre.

So tonight I will keep things brief as I still have much to do before I board that very early flight tomorrow.

Oh, and if you think that me going away for four nights will mean this site slows down at all…you clearly don’t know me very well.

So as I mull over what pizza place I want to try first, and wonder just what Alan Cumming’s voice will sound like in-person, here’s some reading and listening material to start your weekend off.


For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…


The boys from TUMP turned in one of their funnier – and briefest – episodes when Douglas somehow convinced them all to watch ALICE’S RESTAURANT. I don’t know about the film, but I count myself as a fan of the song! Give a listen….to the podcast, not the song.

I wonder if Fisti wants to adopt Xavier Dolan or kidnap him.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about GIRLHOOD, which starts a run at The Lightbox here in town tomorrow. Amongst those who declare it a must-see? Courtney Small at Cinema Axis.

I always dig reading about people’s experiences at film festivals – this week it’s Rebecca’s turn. Take a look at her experiences at The Glasgow Film Festival, and experience she split into two separate posts.

Y’know, I really have no interest in ever watching FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (though can someone tell me what the number fifty signifies?). While I have no interest in seeing it, I am quite curious to know what someone like Jessica thinks of it. Fortunately, I’m in luck!

Part of me wonders if I’m going to be lucky enough to run into candice Frederick while I’m in NY this weekend…I guess if that’s going to happen I should tell her I’m coming, right? She turns her attention to comedy this week and wonders if comedy might well be dead. Fair question.

Then there’s Rich – who I might also meet this weekend, but I suppose I should tell him I’m coming – who wonders just what to make anymore of being the person who goes to the movies alone.


As for the Tweet of The Week, Sam nailed my frustration with the Post-Oscar outrage pretty damned well…