Wanna hear something sick? Yesterday morning I took pen to paper and realized that between what I’ve already seen, what I intend to see, and my usual posting routine, I have posts set for all but two days between now and the end of the year! OCD – right here.

It all begins tomorrow as I finally post my review for a film that was a TIFF highlight and has gone on to be called one of 2011’s very best. It’s also become a topic of contention between another local blogger and myself. Actually, that’s not bad…make it one day between now and the end of the year.

But enough about me, I actually want to take a moment and thank you if you’re reading this. I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I can’t mention it enough: I’m not commenting on the work of my fellow bloggers as much as I’d like to. Real life is just a bit too nutty at the moment, which i know is a flimsy excuse. My sistren and brethren, please know that I am reading most of what you post – even if I don’t leave a note saying so.

So as I get going on tomorrow’s review, I leave you in the hands of my contemporaries, and wish you a weekend of cinematic bliss and no parking-lot frustration.

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

So get this – The unnamed Movie Podcast posted its 100th episode this week – without its host!!?? As the song asks, “What sort of fuckery is this??”. Raise a glass to Andrew, Damion, and Douglas, and give a listen to their centennial.

Mike Lippert – who remains one of the few Toronto movie bloggers I’m yet to meet – pauses for a moment in this season of hype to wonder what the end result of listening to the hype really brings.

If you’ve visited this site once or twice, odds are you know that I’m a fan of husband & wife movie geekery. Right on cue comes Courtney Small and his charming wife Dionne with an interesting discussion about THE HELP. (Spoiler alert – My short post on THE HELP is coming this weekend).

Tim is a good friend who has been wildly encouraging since meeting me mere months ago. To thank him for his encouragement, I seem to be ignoring his site an inordinate amount. (Sorry ’bout that Tim). Give a look at this nostalgic post as he remembers the moment his geeky die was cast.

Speaking of Droids, John seems to have noticed something I’ve been pontificating about for a few years now (seems like an opportune moment for #ryanisright). Take a look at what he noticed about watching movies – even old favorites – in the splendour of a cinema.

Finally, as we head towards the turning of the calendar, the lists will come out in full force and the debates will rage. Catherine gets us started with her list of 2011’s best movie posters.

As for the Tweet of the Week – it was no contest:

Kudos to @ for suggesting 'Batman Returns' as quintessential Christmas viewing. It is, after all, Walken in a Winter Wonderland.
Shane McNeil