My friends, the end is nigh…

We’re sixty hours or so from closing the book on 2011, and now of course comes the time for reflection. It’s been a good year if you ask me, while perhaps not a great year. It was a year where many blockbusters left us wanting, and my taste took an irrevocable turn towards the arthouse. But if you’ve read this blog for more than a week, you’ll know that this series of posts is not about me – it’s about my brothers and sisters in arms.

My friends and family in the blogosphere are slowly but surely nailing down their take on the year that was, and I’ve noticed something interesting over the last few days:

There’s no film that’s a consensus choice as top dog.

There are two dozen or so that people are naming as their favorites, and watching the ferris wheel continue to spin leaves me wondering what it says about the year at the movies.

Was it a good year? Was it a bad year? Does the lack of consensus say something about the quality of the field?

Writings and recordings summing up the year are trickling in, which also leaves me a little curious. It’s obvious that many are holding off so they can get as many of the year-end offerings scratched off as possible. What I find curious about that, is that I wonder how many of those will factor into the equation for people. I know that for me, one of those final few came into play, but by and large the year was wrapped weeks ago. But perhaps for some, the next film they see turns out to be the best of the year.

So this week I offer you the lists of others. And as is the custom, this post will continue to be expanded for as long as things keep coming.

In summing up 2011, I give you…

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Drop me a comment as you post your own year-end list, and I’ll include it in the post – RM