Bubbly on IceAnd so, another year comes and goes.

As usual, in these days where daylight is scarce and the cold seems neverending, we stay in the warm comforts of our choosing and find ourselves reflective. We reflect on what we wanted to do, but didn’t. We reflect on what we are happy that we did do. We begin to think about things we’d like to do next.

Oh…and where movies are concerned, we make lists…lots and lots of lists.

My thoughts on lists are pretty well-known by now, but if there’s one point in the year where I think listmaking is apropos, it’s at year-end. Mine is forthcoming, but as is the custome with this feature, I’m more interested in what everybody else is doing.

So this week I offer you the lists of others. And as is the custom, this post will continue to be expanded for as long as things keep coming.


In summing up 2012, I give you…


The Movie Waffler’s Top 25

An Online Universe has Sam McCosh’s Top 20

Southern Vision has Tyler’s Top 10

Graffiti With Punctuation has Buckle’s Top 25

Added: DC Film Girl has Lauren Veneziani’s Top 10

Added: Fandango Groovers has Andy Hart’s Top 10

Added: Aziza’s Picks has Diana’s Top 14

Added: Cinematic Paradox has Stevee Taylor’s Top 10

Added: A Dash of Cinema has Lauren’s Top 10

Added: Being Norma Jean has Nikhat’s Top 10

Added: Mamo has Matthew Brown and Matthew Price’s Top 10’s

Added: Not Just Movies has Jake Cole’s Top 25

Added: Cinema Fanatic has Marya Gates’ Top 15

Added: Black Sheep has Joe Belanger’s Top 10

Added: Big Thoughts has Courtney Small’s Top 10

Added: The Mind Reels has Tim Rideout’s Top 10

Added: Reel Insight has Jess Rogers and Rachel Thuro’s Top 10’s

Added: Surrender to The Void has “The Void”s Top 10

Added: Flix Chatter has Ruth’s Top 10

Added: Grind My Reels has Dan Gvozden’s Top 10

Added: Pussy Goes Grrr! has Andreas’ Top 10

Added: The Black Hole Presents Sebastian Gutierrez’s Top 15

Added: Silver Emulsion has Will’s Top 10

Added: The Movie Mezzanine has the entire staff’s collected Top 50

Added: Eternal Sunshine has Bob Turnbull’s Top 20

Added: Public Transportation Snob has Dan Heaton’s Top 10


More to come! Drop me a comment as you post or podcast your own year-end list, and I’ll include it in the post – RM