Alright, hard part is over. From here on out until January 1st, the site is more or less on auto-pilot. I still have to write most of it, but at least I know what’s getting written when. No more evenings of being up at midnight wondering what I want to talk about tomorrow.

Today puts me right on the tipping point of my five-screenings-in-six-nights bender. It’s been a blast so far, and tonight’s showing might even be the one I’m looking forward to the most. But lemme tell ya gang: Doing all of these during such a busy time of year is killing me! I’m sure your sympathy for me is pretty damned low (Awww poor Ryan: All those free movies wearing you down??”), but we’re all friends here so I thought I’d share.

Speaking of “all friends”, something came up yesterday that reminded me that I might not have mentioned something about this site before. While people are welcome to disagree with one-another in these pages (and of course to disagree with me), I ask that people play nice with the other kids in the playground. You can differ in opinion to your hearts’ content, but please refrain from name-calling where other commenters and/or people nice enough to participate in blog posts are considered.

There are lots of places on the internet where you can do that to your heart’s content – just not here. M’kay?

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

I haven’t the foggiest bit of interest in the Twilight Saga, but if ever anyone got me close just on the basis of amusing conversation, it’s The Franklies. Give a listen to their discussion of the absurdity on Episode #68

At the moment, I’m a few reviews behind but happily there are a few that I’ve written and are just waiting to be posted. One such piece is my take on Spielberg and Jackson’s upcoming collaboration, TINTIN. Andrew has you covered until mine goes up on Wednesday.

2011 has been a year of great existentialism on-screen. Larry the Movie Snob takes a moment to consider two of 2011’s most existential films (a pair of movies that aren’t for everybody) THE TREE OF LIFE and MELANCHOLIA.

I count myself as a big fan of the long take (comes with being a Scorsese aficionado). It’s a subtle art really, and our friends over at Dear Film have put up a rather interesting post discussing some of its best uses in recent memory.

On a week where my darling wife came home with a Billy Wilder dvd gift-set, Duke has chased down one of the director’s greatest. Take a look at Sam’s take on one of my favorite classics, THE APARTMENT.

Finally, there’s the blog feature I’ve always loved, but have managed to miss for far too long – Yojimbo’s “Don’t Make a Scene” Series. This week he’s tackling another one of my favorite classics – good week for classics in the blosphere. Take a look at his breakdown of a key scene in CASABLANCA.

As for a tweet of the eek, I point you towards my benefactor for tonight’s free movie:

Heard at work today: "You're not seeing Arthur Christmas. We're Jewish. I won't allow it." Fuck everything about religion (except Christmas)
Corey Atad