Pigeon Lake

Wow – time really does fly when you’re having fun!

As I sit to compile a round of links for you fine folks, it occurs to me that it’s been three whole weeks since the last time I compiled a round of links! Between then and now there have been weeks of multiple reviews, the beginning of my study sessions with Jandy, concerts, sick days, baseball, and night after night getting as much as I can out of this lovely summer we’re having in Toronto.

Oddly enough, this moment I’m taking to talk to you fine folks today is one of the last I’ll be doing for a little bit as I’ll be on vacation next week and have scheduled posts that will take me from Monday clear through until next Sunday.

It’s like we haven’t had a chance to talk in weeks! How are you? Is your team playing well? Were your travels fun? How about that thing you noticed – did you go to the doctor and get it checked out?

Around this time last week, someone asked me about the amount of films I watch, and whether I thought it was “too many”. My answer to that question was – and is – no, I don’t believe I watch “too many”. It isn’t “too many” because I do other things with my time. I cook, I read, I seek out and listen to a lot of music, I take and edit photos, I watch a lot of baseball, I spend time with my friends, I spend time with my wife, I spend time with my family. I do all of this and also put in the time it takes to crank out content for this site.

If I didn’t do all or any of that – I could watch more movies. However, the amount I watched at that stage would likely be “too many”…and it wouldn’t feel nearly as fulfilling without all those other experiences there to give that consumed content meaning and resonance.

What I’m saying is this:

Love the things that bring you joy in life, and do them to your heart’s content. However, don’t forget to do the things that give them context and value as well. It’s the difference between running laps back and forth to a buffet, and sitting down with loved ones to share a meal.

Thanks for reading – hope your weekend is a good’n.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


When you do a podcast across a wire, a great deal of joy can come from finally getting to do an episode face-to-face. That joy made its way to Minneapolis this weekend where Kurt Halfyard rallied-up with Andrew James and Matthew Gamble to record a face-to-face episode of The Cinecast. I assume all of the usual arguments will ensue.

It’s been a few weeks, so let’s double-down on podcasts. The fine women of What She’s Having break out the peanuts and crackerjack and discuss one of my all-time faves: BULL DURHAM.

Something I’m still looking forward to for this summer is the fact that I’m finally going to be getting Jessica back on the podcast after a year and a half (finding films to discuss with my international friends is brutal thanks to staggered release dates). Get yourself ready by going back a month or two with her and considering THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. As always, she has truly thoughtful things to say.

Some time ago, I began to take a few notes in the name of properly sussing out my thoughts on a film. If you’ve never tried scribbling in the dark of a theatre, I assure you that it’s a dubious process. Andrew Robinson sums it up really well.

There were a few new faces at Pub Night last week, and one of the most interesting was Ulkar. She writes a site called Let Movie Move Us, which is impressive considering she writing it in Engligh – her fourth language! I can barely speak my second, let alone write in it…and having a grip on five (as Ulkar) does, seems like a damned superpower. Start with her review of BOYHOOD, and be sure to go back and visit her site often.

I haven’t yet caught up with LUCY – and at this stage it might have to wait even longer. This is a pity since I’ve found myself wishing dearly for a new Luc Besson film for several years now. In honour of the new Besson, Lisa Thatcher went back and looked back at two of his great heroines who kick ass. Check out her thoughts on rewatches of both THE PROFESSIONAL and THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

It’s pretty much a given – if you post about ALMOST FAMOUS, I will link you. This week it’s Heaton’s turn. Nicely done Dan – see ya next week.

Twitter was nice to me this week and pointed me towards Diane’s Classic Movie Blog. The timing was great too, as it got me started by reading a post on how she first became a fan of the classics. Give it a look – and expect more links to Diane’s work around these parts.