Yet another Friday where I find myself in a strange headspace. This is quickly becoming a trend.

Part of the reason for my fogginess is the fact that my office is half-empty with so many people enjoying extra-long-weekends, or finishing off vacations. It’s crazy how much you get used to a certain threshold of humanity and buzz around you, and how the absence of those things can seem deafening.

Another reason that I’m a little off this week is that I’m already thinking ahead to the next Matineecast, which will record on Sunday and post Monday morning. I have something in mind that will make this episode a little bit different, but part of me thinks it might get lost in the shuffle. It’s something I think could be sorta special…but something I’m not sure I can pull off. It might be splintered off on to its own…

Obviously, I’m still fighting with it.

Last but certainly not least is the fact that Lindsay is down in The States shooting new material for Braingasm. While the place is mighty quiet without her around, the isolation hasn’t fully crept in yet. It feels like I’ve been running a bit too fast to notice that I’ve been running alone. This stands in stark contrast to her previous trips where – like my office – the absence feels deafening.

So all of that is rattling around in my head. There’s a lot going on, and yet not much going on all at the same time. I’m not sure It feels like I’m caught in the streetcar tracks; swiftly moving down the line without the ability to swerve. It’s an odd feeling – and by this time next week this feeling will be a distant memory!

Thanks for listening.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


The ladies of What She’s Having tie off The Summer of ’14 with the latest Daniel Radcliffe venture, THE F WORD.

Without qualifier; I was late for work on Monday because I got caught up reading a post by my friend Tim.

Matthew Brown has been crushing it this year every time he grabs a bat and walks up to the plate. Read his latest. Then go back and read the one before, and the one before, and the one before. Repeat until eyes dry-out.

I’ve never been all that big on college football. Well – I’ve never been all that big on football period, but the college game does even less for me. I get its appeal though, in certain swaths of America it’s as much a part of the local identity as the very landscape they call home. In many ways, the fandom interests me more than what’s happening on the field. With the college season upon us, Nick Prigge has rounded up five college ball stories that he thinks would make pretty darned good movies.

By this time next week, Max Covill will be in my midst. That sound you hear right now is him fretting over what TIFF selections he will be getting today. While he sweats bullets and tries to decide on the lesser of two evils, take a read of a post he did for Fresh From the Theatre on long-delayed sequels.

Seems as though David Fincher’s name was all over the place this week with a new trailer dropping for GONE GIRL, the man’s birthday happening, and Tyler Perry admitting that he didn’t know who the man was before signing on to one of his films. Hey – when it rains, it pours. Fisti marked the occasion of Finch turning a year older to put together a post in the man’s honour; dig in.


As for The Tweet of the Week, the number is now down to six, but you get the idea…