I should probably make this photo that I shot in St. Louis last week my wallpaper for a while.

It seems so peaceful, so serene, so calm. Basically it’s the opposite of how things around me are going right now.

It’s bad enough that the hustle at work to catch up from one vacation and set things in order for the next. In addition to that, I have enough screenings, dinners, baseball games, and concerts over the next two weeks that free nights are scarce. All of my business is in the name of joyful things, but it still makes the time fly at a breakneck pace. It’s actually enough to remind me of being a student and feverishly trying to get in as much fun as I could before the cold shower of school starting back up.

So in the hopes of getting to do everything I want to do before TIFF begins in a mere two weeks (!!!), I will look to these water lilies and remember the serenity I felt laying flat on my stomach in damp Missouri clover to take the photo.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Andrew Robinson found some time to record a new episode of Movies You Love this week – which is mighty impressive considering that the EPL started up again last weekend! Go give a listen as he and Josh Spiegel discuss WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about dropping by other people’s podcasts is the way it introduces me to other fine-upstanding folk who share my passion. Take my most recent appearance on The Dew Over where I met J.M. from the Rewatchability Podcast. J.M. hosts an awesome show with co-hosts Robert and Blain, so give a listen to one of their most recent shows while I play catch up with the previous 148 episodes

It was during my travels that we lost Robin Williams, so I never took a moment on this space to stop and express my thoughts about the man…and now it seems far too late. So in an effort to make amends, let me point you towards someone who gives him a far better benediction than I ever could: Alex Withrow.

If you know me, you know that I deep love for the world of black & white. For some reason, the world of film has widely decided to eschew capturing life mono-chromatically, believing that it alienates a certain sector of filmgoers (my advice? Fuck those filmgoers). This week Ruth put it to her readers to drop a note regarding their favorite contemporary black and white movies, and she’s had some great discussion come from it.

This week, young Stevee Taylor turned 19 (which makes her old enough to drink here in Canada, should she ever drop by). To celebrate the occasion, Stevee looked back into her childhood, and wrote about her favorite films growing up.

Mette Kowalski is a source of enthusiasm I’m proud to have gotten to know better over the last few years. Mette is currently in search of great adventure in Alaska during her year off from school. As a result, she has closed the book on her blog, Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions. She’ll still be around of course, but do drop by her old space and wish her well.

How did I not know there was a challenge on-the-go to read books about classic film this summer!? Considering how much film reading I’ve been doing through the last two years, you’d think I would have been all over such things! Alas. Well Rich Watson knew, and he has turned in a fine book report on the volume he’s just finished on Marilyn Monroe.