I wonder if anybody noticed that this is posting late today? If anyone did, they certainly didn’t mention it to me.

I’m alright with being tardy today, and not only because it’s the result of a wonderful night spent with friends. I take it as a moment to catch my breath. I’m hip-deep in a very busy stretch – this site, my viewing habits, my social life, my job, the upcoming bedlam of TIFF. Everything is going a little faster these days, and for the most part, it leaves me a very happy (if slightly weary) nerd.

So as I say – time to take a breath.

It’s a quick breath though, since there’s a lot to get ready around here for the next few days. Sunday and Monday especially will be special days for The Matinee, so do keep this space in mind and be sure to drop by for a few minutes over the next few mornings.

For now though, I’m going to kick off my Friday night with some Hitchcock and a comfy couch.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…



This is both overdue and self-serving. If you haven’t already, give a listen to my appearance on Corey’s Justatadcast where I prepare for Matineecast 66 by discussing THE BOURNE LEGACY with Corey and Matthew Brown.

I have zero interest in seeing THE EXPENDABLES 2 this weekend, but if your interest is up and you want some clue as to what you’re getting into, Tim checks in with his thoughts on these last action heroes.

A new site I started following this week is On the Screen. The site is run by a pair of writers named Tippi and Courtney, and this week Tippi had the misfortune of finding nothing but crap on Netflix Watch Instant.

Perhaps Tippi woulda had a better go of things if Netflix had pointed her towards THE SKIN I LIVE IN. Mark watched the Almodovar gem (which is one of the best of 2011 says I) and has reviewed it here.

The Droid is in the mood for something French today.

Joanna has been running around The GenArt Film festival in NYC this past week, and found time amongst all the insanity to sit down with director Ishai Setton to discuss his film, THE KITCHEN.

A Toronto rep theatre announced that it will be closing up shop this week. For a moment or two, I thought about writing up a benediction for it, but then I realized that Kurt at Row Three already had it covered.

feel like reading about television? Take a look at a piece Rachel put together for Reel Insight about the curious role of housewives in some of the best cable dramas.

The Tweet of The Week comes from a local critic who had a moment where hope for the future was restored:

OH: A young woman telling her friend about this great movie she's seen ... "To Catch a Thief". The world is good, and worth fighting for.
Norm Wilner