What a busy few weeks it has been.

You know that feeling – when you’re looking at a blank screen and a blinking cursor and you’re asking yourself “What am I going to blog about?”. I haven’t had that feeling in almost a month. Seriously, content has almost been on autopilot since the beginning of July…and while that’s nice, I also think it’s a sign that I’m going to burn out before too long. Maybe this flu I’ve been trying to shake is a warning sign…”Slow down, or else!”.

Who knows.

I’ll say this, between the people I’ve been hanging out with and the films I’ve been watching, this has been one fantastic summer so far. Hopefully that’s all a sign that I’m in for a fantastic time at TIFF to cap it all off too!

Whatever the next few weeks have in store for me, I can tell you that I already have some nifty reading material planned for you. So come on back now, y’hear – and tell your friends. I love new followers!


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Sure is a lot of talk about TOTAL RECALL for a film that was only middling at best. Tank and Fogs give it the once-over on this week’s TPMP, along with a digression into DIARY OF A WIMPY KID – now you have to listen to it!

Encore is doing something pretty cool that I was able to contribute to peripherally. This week launched their showdown of the Best Performances of the 90’s.

The newly-engaged Simon Columb is back to his classic-loving ways. This week, he casts an eye towards Paul Newman’s iconic COOL HAND LUKE.

Tyler at Southern Vision has compiled a list of 50 Essential Directors. What I like most about it, besides his audacious choices for each director’s “best”, is the wide scope of nationalities and eras from which the list is culled.

But not everyone loves a list – Darren over at The M0vie Blog talks about the trouble with the recent Sight & Sound Top Ten, and other lists of its ilk.

Speaking of the Sight & Sound list, I find myself quite anxious to finally watch TOKYO STORY now that it has been so lauded. GMan caught up with it this week and was quite smitten with it!

Recently, Jessica at The Velvet Cafe caught up with TAKE THIS WALTZ. Her post on it goes beyond just being a straight-up review, since one scene in particular has stuck with her.

This week marked fifty years since the untimely passing of Marilyn Monroe. CAZ over at Let’s Go to The Movies marked the event with a sweet little requiem of her own.

The new release I’ll be excitedly settling in for tonight is THE BOURNE LEGACY. Candice at Reel Talk has already seen it, and has put together a short list of five things it teaches us.

As for the Tweet of The Week, few observations could bring me greater joy: