Braingasm in Production

Fridays here at The Matinee are about plugging other people’s work in whatever meagre way I can. Today is no different, except that what’s being plugged is something a bit bigger than an early review of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.

For the last year, my wife Lindsay Ragone has been working on a documentary of her own. The film is titled BRAINGASM, and it’s about a sensation known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). In a nutshell, some people find that they get a calming sensation from watching videos or listening to audio centred around various subject matter. It could be anything from a person whispering to them to the sight of someone painting a picture.

When Lindsay discovered how much content was being created in the name of ASMR, and how big the community had grown, she felt the urge to capture their story on film. She’s been hard at work on it for a whole year already!

Last night, her Kickstarter campaign launched.  This allows people to see the first full trailer for the work-in-progress, and more importantly, the chance to drop a few bucks in the hat to help her finish what she’s started.

Lindsay has worked really hard to get as far as she has. She’s invested a lot time and money (even though she didn’t have much of either), and gone halfway around the world to capture footage and tell the story. I’m really proud of how much she’s accomplished, and hope that she can see her idea through to the end.


So for your consideration, I give you…


The film’s Kickstarter page, where the trailer can be seen and donations have already started trickling in.

The film’s full website where you can learn more about the project and keep up with its progress.

The film’s Facebook page and Twitter feed where you can interact with Lindsay, along with many people within the community who follow both.


Thanks for reading and for giving Lindsay and I a few moments of your busy day. Please consider donating to her campaign, and more importantly, please spread the word about this labour of love.