My team rallied to tie the game in the ninth inning and eventually win it in sixteen. How did your team do yesterday?

So welcome back everybody, the films you haven’t seen are gone now, and I’ll be moving on to more topical posts for a while. Though as I look ahead, things will be a little tough for a while as there aren’t too many new releases coming that I want to talk about. Hopefully the three I do want to see can carry me until Hot Docs takes over. That and the three podcast episodes I have planned between now and then.

So come back ofetn and tell your friends, but begging your pardon, I’m keeping today’s post brief. It’s a long weekend up here, and I’m actually hoping to get a tiny bit of actual rest out of it.

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

A podcast that I haven’t featured in this space yet is the newly minted Outside the Envelope hosted by Brian from Dear Film.  I’m a staunch believer that brand new shows shouldn’t sound half as good as this one does, which means the man has done his homework. Listen in on THE HUNGER GAMES episode.

By far the biggest blogging news this week is that rachel and Jess have finally consummated their relationship. Reel Insight is now a concerted force in the blogosphere.

Young Corey decided to springboard off an old post of mine and hash out some thoughts of his own – and he has done so quite well. He hasn’t quite inspired the fracas that my original post did, so feel free to jump in and stir the pot.

Perhaps it’s fitting that on the week I was waist-deep in silent film, that Jessica finally caught up with THE ARTIST.

Simon has started working his way through Walt Disney’s animated features, and has put together a pretty thorough piece on the landmark achievement that was SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES. Good luck mate – hope you can summon this sort of moxie when you get to THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER.

Finally, something of a generic link for Jandy’s site The Frame. While I’m not looking to point you to anything specific, I am looking to point you towards her outlet since her coverage of the TCM Festival in L.A. begins in a week, and you should be following her dispatches. Have fun Jandy (and Titania too!).

As for the tweet of the week, all I can say is I’ve been there too Sam:

You know you're a film nerd when: Your reward for writing a film review is watching a Robert Bresson film. Oh dear. I need to get out more.
Sam McCosh