I know, I know – posting photos of shamrocks on Easter Weekend is like playing “Monster Mash” on Valentine’s Day. I’m a little low on springtime images. I’ll work on that.

This series of posts is usually about other people’s work, but allow me to talk about my own for a second. As I look ahead towards the next Matineecast that should post on Monday, I find that I painted myself into a bit of a corner. See the hope was to post a show on WHILE WE’RE YOUNG, but I didn’t count on just how hard it would be to track down a guest. What’s more, trying to co-ordinate schedules during a long weekend (not to mention finding the time to pull the finished product together) is tricky at best.

So, barring a miracle, I’m thinking that an episode is about to be skipped.

Someone I know would usually make a joke at this admission to the effect of “Oh no – but then you won’t get paid for it!”…but if you know me, and know what putting my love for film out there means to me, you understand that keeping this operation going because of some great reward isn’t the point. There’s a passion I get to express, there’s a pride I take in doing it regularly. I’m not going to lose sleep over missing an episode, but at the same time I don’t want to make a habit of it.

So maybe next time, I’ll make life easier and talk about something like FURIOUS 7 that everyone has seen…or maybe I’ll just look at a damned calendar and say to myself “That’s gonna be tough”.

Lesson learned.


For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…


I’m going to double-down for Alia and Matthew at Super Zero this week. The newest episode on The Avengers plays very much like the culmination of what the show has been building to (even though they still have a few in this series to go), but I took a lot away from the episode prior dedicated to Green Lantern. It’s easy to wail on a bad movie for being bad, but that’s not what this Dynamic Duo end up doing. Make no mistake though; they both hate it.

My big envy of the last week was seeing all the tweets and updates coming back from TCM Classic Film Festival. Is this what everyone else goes through every September during TIFF? Jandy Hardesty was one of the lucky ducks who got to attend this year and pulled together this lovely post wrapping things up. Hopefully next year I’ll have a few posts like that of my own.

Speaking of TCMFF (and people who got to go), I happened upon a local classic film lover this week who got to soak up the fest-y goodness last week. The bad news is she becomes yet another person I need to be jealous of, but the good news is that her site is pretty darned cool. So take a look at Speakeasy and say hey to Kristina. Maybe I’ll run into her at Lightbox someday.

Let’s stay on the classic blogger thing for a sec. Vanessa Buttino moved Stardust to a new home, so reset the bookmarks (or set the bookmarks if you’re new to her stuff) and keep up with her love for the greats. Maybe I’ll run into her at Lightbox someday!

A few years ago, Tom Clift first pointed me towards the work of Don Hertzfeldt when he named IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY his favorite film of 2012. With Hertzfeld’s new film WORLD OF TOMORROW currently making the rounds on VOD, who better than Clift to look back on the career of Hertzfeld?

There are still a few 2014 films I want to catch up with, perhaps none more than LOVE IS STRANGE. (No – I don’t have a good excuse). Perhaps this glowing piece on it by Lisa Thatcher will give me the kick in the butt I need to finally soak it up.

Derek Armstrong at The Audient had a cool moment this week.


As for the Tweet of The Week, it’s like Norm feels my pain…