I’m not sure if I’ve done so out loud, but allow me a moment to apologize to my fellow bloggers.

This time last year, I was able to look through a lot of your work. I was entertained, intrigued, and inspired. This would often lead to me leaving a crazy amount of comments all around the blogosphere. But over the last several months, my commenting has slowed. I’m still reading as much as I once did, and enjoying so very much of what my fellow writers have to offer. Unfortunately, it’s getting trickier for me to find enough time to leave a thoughtful comment…thus inspiring the occasional (and totally warranted)  “Haven’t seen you here in a while” remarks.

Please know dear friends, that I am reading the thoughts you are releasing into the wild. I am enjoying them thoroughly and continue to be inspired by them. My lack of commenting is no reflection on the quality of your work.

Nobody has poked me and said “Hey, can you comment?”…this all just comes from my own guilty conscience. I’m hoping a few things level off and I can get back to the routine I used to follow, but part of me thinks my lower commenting threshhold might be here to stay.

In other news, Hot Docs is coming fast. Be sure to tune in on Thursday for some great leads on titles of the non-fiction variety.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


The Row Three Cinecast returned to action this week with a full cast, and Kurt regales us with a full round of Actionfest discussion.

As you well know, I loves me a good filmfest, and I think that next year I need to drop the TCM Fest on to my schedule. Titania made the journey, and has a lot of coverage over on her site.

Corey has come up with a great idea, that I’d actually really love to see bear fruit. His idea is that when Quentin is done making his western, that he then turn his attention to a biblical epic (QT make it happen!)

With baseball returning, everyone outside of New York goes back to hating The Yankees. Inside of New York though, it’s a different story. Speaking of inside New York, Rich went old-school for his choice of baseball film, giving a look to the eternal classic PRIDE OF THE YANKEES.

My buddy (and Matineecast #56 guest) Tim, took a cue from my DEAD MAN WALKING post and mapped out his evolution as a filmgoer.

Sam had his readers settle a death match between two Pixar giants.

As for the tweet of the week, I think this is a better way of agreeing than simply RT’ing:

Life without movies...is a life not worth living. RT if you agree.