Crazy week, wasn’t it?

It started off with a lot of family for me over a long weekend that wasn’t nearly relaxing enough. It led into my first baseball game of the season, which gave everything I’d want (except for a home win). That was followed by a lot of online discussion that, quite frankly, wore me out. Through it all I was continually distracted by a trip I’m planning for July.

It sorta feels like I’m at the age where these weeks happen more often than they don’t – perhaps minus the discussion. I don’t think they ever taught me about this growing up. I mean, I certainly don’t remember a scene about it in “You’re Getting Older, Charlie Brown”. It’s good though. I’ve seen and heard enough to know that a lot of people my age find themselves in a repetitive mundane rut by now, so being so busy with things I enjoy doing can’t be all that bad – can it?

If you missed yesterday’s post due to its later-than-usual posting time, I’d really dig it if you could click back and give it a look. I’m pretty proud of it.

As for the day ahead of us, I’ll be spending it catching a Short Film Programme presented by my friend James…which, I’m sure will be followed by a round of drinks and much discussion. Welcome to the weekend boys and girls.

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

We don’t cover TV very much here at The Matinee, but I must say that I am quite smitten with The Walking Dead and everything it did in season two. GMan sums it all up in a bonus episode of The Unnamed Movie Podcast.

I don’t usually designate something as my favorite post of the week – but Courtney’s testimonial over on Big Thoughts was timely, personal, and something I could very much relate to.

In perusing the summer movie preview issue of EW, I was a bit bemused by how many blockbusters I’ll be sitting out. Confirming my suspicions on one of the earlier offerings is Tom Clift, who confirms that BATTLESHIP is indeed – pardon the pun – a miss.

I’ve been listening to a lot of David Bowie lately, so perhaps it’s finally time I reached for one of the few bright spots on the left-hand Shelf of Doom – VELVET GOLDMINE. Under the heading of “Great Minds Think Alike”, The Movie Nut recently watched it herself.

Over at FMR, Fogs has a series of great debates going where he gets people to choose a side. Hey Fogs – “Oasis or Blur?”…make it happen). This week he has pitted two 80’s action heroes against one-another.

With Mike Wallace’s passing this week, Ruth was inspired to revisit one of my favorite films of the 90’s, Michael Mann’s INSIDER. Take a look at her thoughts on two of Christopher Plummer’s best moments in a film I still believe to be underrated.

Finally , the tweet of the week brings good news for those who like smart discussion of smart films:

Just wrote a couple of reviews, might write a couple more this evening, so look for new content (finally, I know) on my site soon.
James Blake Ewing