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Baelish says that it’s still Friday for a few more minutes yet, so the time for links has not yet passed us by.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


TUMP is back! TUMP is back! TUMP is back! TUMP is back!

What’s that you say? “Double podcasts”? Sure, why not. Two previous Matineecast guests – Dave Voigt and Petula Neale – join Corey Pierce on The Soundtrack of Your Life to discuss the tunes behind NEW JACK CITY.

How about some more music? My brother commemorated the twentieth anniversary of Rex Manning Day with a oook back at the soundtrack of EMPIRE RECORDS.

This week Andina clocked in her fifth year running Inspired Ground. Here in The Matrix, five years feels more like twenty…so I shouldn’t so much be giving her a link as a should an engraved watch. Drop by her beautiful oasis of a website and wish her well.

Becca has spent the last few years getting into the routine of going to the cinema alone. Part of me feels like this is something of a cinephile right-of-passage, so it would seem as though The Ginger’d One is solidly “one of us”.

I’ll be spending much of the next ten days or so soaking up Daredevil on Netflix. I believe in staggering consumption as opposed to mainlining a show in one big bender. On the flipside of the coin is Darren, who has already watched the whole. damned. series.

It’s a little nuts to think that UNFORGIVEN was over twenty years ago. Those twenty years have brought upon a lot of amazing modern westerns and if you lost count of just how many amazing westerns have come and gone since UNFORGIVEN, Fandango has you covered.


As for the Tweet of The Week, I turn you towards the bride-to-be…