Dear Fellow Bloggers…

I beg your patience and forgiveness. My reading of your work, and likewise my commenting on it is at a record low. I have fallen into a rhythm of skimming my Google Reader and occasionally hitting the drop-down key to get just a taste of what you are offering…but on the whole, I’m not the comunity member I usually am.

The good news is that in about two weeks, things will get back to normal and I’ll be able to drown in your words, clips, images, and overall geekosity to my usual obsessive level. The bad news is that between now and then I’ll be a little bit of a hermit without explanation. Hopefully I can make it all up to you though.

My mere skimming shows me that I’m missing out on boatloads, this week’s posts for instance gave me a wealth of links to choose from…here’s a mere six.

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

The Row Three Cinecast continues to amaze and entertain (and not just because they continually record episodes that would make Cal Ripken blush). This week, they brought in Jim Mickle (director of STAKELAND) to rap with them about COWBOYS & ALIENS.

I’m hoping that Lindsay and I might be able to enjoy some CRAZY STUPID LOVE this weekend (And then go see the movie – hey-o!!!). If my good friend Meredith is right, and she usually is, it’s a pretty solid watch.

A pair trio of blog-a-versaries happened this week. Give it up for Movienut’s Defiant Success and Mr. Helms whose Life in Equinox turned two (only??), and Ms. Arcieri whose Cinefille turned six!

Shannon the Movie Moxie is feeling reflective and anticipative all at once.

Big Daddy Mister Small had a rough night at the movies recently.

On the flip side is Miss James who was pretty darned giddy to be seeing a classic movie musical with some of us Toronto folk (in 70mm no less). Check out her post on it if for no other reason than to see the pretty nifty trailer that’s amused many of us locals for a few weeks now.

That’s just a sampler – be sure to check out The Blogroll for more great content from my movie lovin’ brethren.