Dear Miami Heat…

Congratulations on building the closest thing the NBA has to an all-star team. Now about those other six roster spots to be filled with next-to-no remaining salary cap. $100 says you still can’t parlay this into a championship, and in eighteen months two of your three studs are bitching about not getting the ball enough.

*end rant*

Moving on, it feels like it’s been an endless week up here. I’m gonna be all unoriginal and blame it on the heatwave we’re suffering through…though if I hear one more person bitch about said heatwave I’m likely to go postal. Failing that, I could also repeat today’s process, and shrug off a stupid work day with some dvd shopping.

There’s lots on tap for me over the next week. I’ve rented DOWN TO THE BONE, heading out to GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE tomorrow, and looking forward to next week when I’ll soak in my first outdoor screening – IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (which I’ve never seen!). Oh yeah, and this time next week – I’ll be soaking up the awesomeness that is INCEPTION. Happy Friday indeed!

Y’all know the drill by now…

Let’s start with something a little different. Seems as though a historian came across my review of AGORA, and enjoyed my analysis of the film. This historian, Faith Justice, knows her stuff when it comes to Alexandria and has written a three part series on how the film stacks up to the facts.

Remember a few days ago when I urged everyone to look a little harder for some better summer fare? Seems as though there’s a big ‘ol flaw with my multiplex math…as The Audient found out the hard way.

One film I mentioned in that hidden gems post was SUNSHINE. That film is directed by Danny Boyle a director whose catalogue our English friend (and birthday boy) Simon Columb is working his way through.

More contributions from across the pond. It would seem as though the questions in the Know Your Enemy section of my podcast has inspired Fandango to remedy a gap in his film literacy.

Listening to enough podcasts yet? (Pssst – the correct answer is “Never!”). Good here’s two more for you courtesy of Kai Parker and four fiesty female film bloggers.

I’ve always had thoughts of watching the entire AFI 100 – well Hal at Forget the Popcorn has done just that (no small feat!).