Somebody needs to explain to me why this week felt so long despite me only spending three days at the office. Hopefully today will fly, especially with all the fun I have to look forward to next week. Along with recording the next Matineecast this weekend, I’m also hoping to catch two movies. Once all that’s settled, I have NXNE to look forward to next week!

Hopefully you fine folks will drop by and see what I’ve been watching. I can tell you in advance that a lot of what I’ll be writing about is either already on dvd, or will be very soon.

In other news, give me your opinion. I’m looking at finally getting my hands on a domain name, but am struggling with what I’d want to go with. “” seems a tad too wordy…but simply “” seems like broken english.


While I ponder that, here’s some other awesomeness happening in the blogs these days. For your reading fulfillment, I give you…

Did you know that Scott from He Shot Cyrus started co-hosting a podcast with his wife. It’s awesome stuff too! Here’s the iTunes feed.

Along with THE A-TEAM, I’m hoping this weekend allows me enough time to get out and see SPLICE. Simon from Four of Them saw it recently – here’s his thoughts on it.

Then there’s Aiden who wrote about one of my all-time faves this week – OUT OF SIGHT.

Heh…the Movie Mistress has a delightful collection of movie moments set in the loo.

If that isn’t enough listy goodness for you, Danny King ponders what the best shot film of the last decade was.

Oh – and Flixchatter turned one year old this week. Now everybody form a line, and we’ll send rtm through the paddywhack machine.