Dear LAMB Members…

Six Lammy Nominations (?)
A Million.


For your reading fulfillment, I give you…

The Flick Chick, who has seen THE TROTSKY – a flick I’m really looking forward to seeing soon.

CS, who I’ll be meeting by this time next week, wonders what happened to Val Kilmer?

Blake’s back! After a few months of sporadic posting, one of my favorite bloggers got his groove back. Check out this post where he bemoans suburban movies.

In the wake of ROBIN HOOD, Fandango takes a look at historical accuracy at the movies.

Perhaps its apropos that Simon watched former Palme D’Or winner ELEPHANT this week, given that The Cannes Film Festival is wrapping up this weekend.

Speaking of intelligent film, He Shot Cyrus is in the midst of chronicling a month of foreign film watching.