Looks like the good fall movies are still a week or two away, so this weekend might be one where I doubleback to finally catch up on something I missed (say, TAKING WOODSTOCK or COLD SOULS). OR I might even let the very-soon-to-be-Missus-Hatter pick, in which case I’d put heavy odds on a post goin’ up in this space Saturday morning about either THE TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE or JULIE & JULIA.

The good thing though, is that a lot of the other bloggers I read are back and kickin’ this week…perhaps last week was just a result of too many of them being in the final throes of summer vacation. If so, I hope ya soaked it up gang – things go back to normal on Tuesday! Indeed, I mock my fellow bloggers, but they’re a swell bunch. Don’t know where I’d be without them actually.

So for your reading fulfillment, I give you…

Gotta start with Bitchin Film Reviews, who feels like he’s been off for a month. He’s back with a review of a very off-beat movie called HUMPDAY.

Though I personally would re-shuffle his order, Matthew over at FROM THE FRONT ROW echoes many of my picks for the Best Summer Films of 2009.

More listy goodness from Ross v Ross, who rhyme off the five worst taglines. When you read this post, scroll down to the comments section and look for my suggestion. I dare anyone to top that.

For Cinephiles, By a Cinephile provided some interesting insight into how the Oscar votes for Best Picture are now gonna be tallied up.