As the leaves fall faster and that nip in the air becomes more permanent, I for one couldn’t be happier. I’ve had a pretty good run of moviegoing, but much of that has come from festivals, classics, and the indie circuit. As we get deeper and deeper into November, I won’t have to work quite so hard at it because the mainstream will begin to finally start to bring us some better offerings. J. EDGAR, THE MUPPETS, THE DESCENDANTS…they’re all coming up fast gang (but not quite fast enough *cough*haroldandkumar*coughcough*).

As usual, there is a lot of geekery planned for this weekend starting with a screening of SAY ANYTHING at The Lightbox tonight (anyone else coming?). After that I still have THE SKIN I LIVE IN and cutting the next Matineecast to look forward to.

Y’know, as I read all of this back to myself, I swear y’all must think I don’t do anything else with my time.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

It might not mean too much to those of you who aren’t familiar with the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, but the MAMO boys caused quite the stir with this episode of their show. They caused such a stir in fact, that a follow up show to speak with some of those in-the-know and respond to feedback is already in the works.

Turnabout is fairplay, so it’s only fitting that I thank Corey Atad for his link to my site this week by linking the article he linked me in. Young Corey has recently been accused of being“Middlebrow”…whatever that’s supposed to mean.

If the NC-17 rating isn’t enough to draw all sorts of pervy lookie-loo’s serious cinema-goers to SHAME, Rich has a few more tactics that could get them to fork over their hard-earned.

True story, back during TIFF I actually lost a ticket to a film. Looks like Bonjour Tristesse has seen it, and has collected many of the stunning stills to accompany her thoughts on Wim Wenders’ 3-D experiment PINA.

A reader and commenter who I Haven’t nearly highlighted enough is Steve Honeywell – a very passionate and well-spoken cat who writes 1001Plus which is a blog chronicling his attempt to scratch off as much of the 1001 Movies list as possible. Last week, he put together a pretty swell post discussing both SCREAM and HALLOWEEN. As you nosh on the last bits of leftover candy from Monday, give his fine work a read!

Nik is wondering if the move from analogue to digital is depriving the next generation of cinephiles.

Oh, and even though it is in no way movie related, I just had to turn to little brother foe the Tweet of The Week – and this week it is dedicated to Courtney Small…

My hockey team is better than your hockey team. Leafs move into 1st overall in the NHL!
Shane McNeil