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Show Contents

0:00 Introduction

4:40 Know Your Enemy: Douglas Robinson from The Unnamed Movie Podcast


54:08 The Other Side: Douglas and Ryan talk further reading after CLOVERFIELD PARADOX
Thoughts from your host…




First things first – 2018 has brought about a few technical difficulties in capturing the show. Nothing yet has been unlistenable, but it also hasn’t really been up to the level I like. I’m on it folks – new tools are being procured for 194.

I never exactly took my guest today for a sci-fi nut, but this is the second sci-fi film in a row I’m discussing with him. It almost became the third, except back at TIFF a few years back instead of talking about the back half of the double feature we’d just watched (THE DOUBLE), I focused on the first (NIGHT MOVES)…and thus, a trend was broken.

Perhaps I should pre-emptively circle his guest spot for STAR WARS IX, the next STAR TREK, and the DAY AFTER TOMORROW sequel.

…or perhaps I should really mix things up, and get him for the next Richard Curtis Brit romance film…since word has it he’s a fan!


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Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-ninety-three.


Douglas’ Twitter feed can be found here. Comments and feedback are welcome, and thank-you very much for listening.