86 minutes

Show Contents:

Show Contents

0:00 Introduction

2:54 Know Your Enemy: Kurt Halfyard from Screen Anarchy

19:23 The New Slang: PHANTOM THREAD

42:34 SPOILER Discussion of PHANTOM THREAD

59:31 The Other Side: Kurt and Ryan talk further reading after PHANTOM THREAD
Thoughts from your host…



Welcome to 2018 – still no hoverboards.

My city was in a deep freeze this week, making it tough to brave the elements and get out of the house any more than necessary. Walking up the street to see a film took a few extra layers, and few extra doses of wherewithal…let alone driving across town to sit with friends and talk about the film.

With that in-mind, I am grateful for my guest this week. He made the trek downtown to rally-up twice in the cold (once to watch the film together, once more to record)…and both times it flew in the face of the desire to hibernate during this coldest, darkest time of year.

What’s more? Got a great film and a great episode out of it!

New questions for the guest await, as do comments about my wardrobe, and being skeptical over what we eat. Basically, as this podcast creeps towards 200, I find myself in good company…


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Kurt’s good scene in a bad film:

Kurt’s monologue he’d like to deliver:

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