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0:00 Introduction

2:37 Know Your Enemy: Simon Columb from Screen Insight

21:37 The New Slang: LADY BIRD

48:34 The Other Side: Simon and Ryan talk further reading after LADY BIRD



Thoughts from your host…



As I was editing this episode on Sunday afternoon, I found myself momentarily distracted. See, I learned that a YouTube channel I love is officially calling it quits.

The channel is Every Frame a Painting, and in-truth, they haven’t posted any content in a year. This week though, they finally wrote a post discussing their feelings on turning out the lights and locking the door. Reading the post gave me bittersweet feelings, because so much of what Tony wrote aligns with my motives for keeping up this site and podcast…but still, what Tony wrote is in regards to why he can’t do it anymore.

I didn’t want to focus on “the end”, since I don’t yet feel like I’m at “the end”. Instead, I have been fixated on how he began. He describes his partner pushing him to do it in the first place as a response to being unhappy. Specifically, she said:

“... stop complaining about other people, and instead spend my energy on more productive things. Maybe I should make those videos I keep talking about, instead of bitching about work, or else I’d wake up in ten years and realize I’d gotten nowhere.

It made me realize, I’ve been blessed with Taylors of my own. My wife, first and foremost (first, second, and third, really)…but so many more. Some I’ve met as a result of productive things, others that have reacted in-kind to the productive things.

I’m lucky to have them, lucky that they give me the drive to keep going, and lucky that I’m in the midst of getting many of them on the podcast as 2017 wraps up.

Though, they likely don’t know this show exists, I want to thank Tony and Taylor for inspiring me to keep up the cinematic discussion, and all of my own personal “Taylors” and “Tonys” for inspiring me to stay productive.

Cheers, folks.


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