82 minutes

Show Contents:

0:00 Introduction

4:51 Know Your Enemy: Jamie Dew from The Dew Over

23:06 The New Slang: LONG TIME RUNNING

59:46 The Other Side: Jamie and Ryan talk further reading after the feature presentation



Thoughts from your host…


Now and then, you start talking about a movie only to notice at a certain point you aren’t really talking about a movie anymore. This episode was one of those moments. The heart of the matter is a film about a band two podcasters both love…but the grander conversation is about community, mortality, and legacy.

In many ways, it’s the perfect episode to drop today.

The past twelve months haven’t been easy for me. There have been many days where I haven’t felt like myself, and many days when I’ve thought that nobody was listening. It’s not a feeling I’m used to…but one that I am working on understanding. Today’s guest and other people in my life like him have helped me get a grip. They give me that one thing that so many of us want – to feel like someone is listening. I’m deeply grateful, and truly want to thank them

To that end, I also want to thank you…for listening…for stopping by and making me feel like something I do matters. It’s not always easy to fold up these little paper boats and push them out on to the water. Lots of days you feel like they won’t find harbour.

Thank you…for letting me find harbour…and for listening, even for a minute.



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