74 minutes

Show Contents:

0:00 Introduction

4:40 Know Your Enemy: Jess Rogers from Reel Insight Podcast

20:46 The New Slang: THOR: RAGNAROK

55:31 The Other Side: Jess and Ryan talk further reading after the feature presentation



Thoughts from your host…




I’m never in much of a rush to discuss comic book films on the podcast, but when one of your best friends asks to come on to discuss Thor, how do you say “no”?

I’m actually quite grateful that today’s guest circled this movie as the one she wanted to talk about since the timing of it – and the enthusiasm surrounding it – serendipitously go a long way in helping me get this show back up to full-speed after the autumn hiatus. Part of me wonders if she planned it that way…

Well, intentional or not, I’m happy that Jess suggested we do this episode because the movie at the centre of it was such a fun time at the multiplex…and the ensuing conversation was a fun time on-mic.

Thanks Doc, I owe you one. Or twenty.


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