Wonder Women


76 minutes

Show Contents:

0:00 Introduction

4:18 Know Your Enemy: Petula Neale from In a TIFF


57:23 The Other Side: Petula and Ryan talk further reading after the feature presentation


Thoughts from your host…




How’s it going, folks? Start to think that this podcast might never get back on the air? Sorry – I needed to get out of the house and get away from film for a few minutes. It did me good, I think – allowed me further perspective on the films I love.

It did me a lot of good, actually and I’m beginning to think that TIFF will start marking the end of my podcast season. I might begun to give the show a proper break for all of September…if not October as well.

Today, though we’re back up and running with a dear friend dropping by the show to bless its return.

Things got a little giggly as this episode went along, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We’ve talked about several filthy films before on this show, but something about this film and this guest made me feel like being a bit less mature for once.

Y’all don’t mind, right? Right.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-eighty-five.


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