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5:36 Know Your Enemy: Hillary Butler from Live for Films
19:43 The New Slang: WIND RIVER
46:04 The Other Side: Hillary and Ryan talk further reading after WIND RIVER


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The world gets back to normal tomorrow. Vacations end, school begins, focus increases on closing the books on 2017 after a few months of distraction. Before that though, I need to say one more thing about this past summer.

This summer – especially the summer on this podcast – has been a wonderful time to spend with my friends. Friends new and old, some I spoke with a lot, and some I hadn’t spoke to for quite some time. Week in and week out from June onward, my friends really came together to make this a great summer for the show.

If you look around, you might read that this was a lousy summer at the movies. I beg of you not to believe it. The franchises might not have been there for us, but there were meaty and mighty films at the arthouse that more than made up for it.

Case in point, the only trick to scheduling this show from July onward was juts that – the scheduling. We were never short on material…and thanks to my friends, I was also never short on guests.

Some went to see films that weren’t on their radar. Some rearranged their schedule to placate my podcasting desires. Then there were others who had never spoken a word on-mic, but brought the goods at my request.

The world gets back to normal tomorrow – and in many ways begins anew – but you’ll forgive me if I want to pour one out for the Summer of ’17 at The Cinema, and the joy it brought to this podcast.

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